Single - "Alone"

A couple of weeks ago me and Febby went to the studio and recorded one of my latest songs "Alone". Very soon this first single will be available online! The song will be accompanied by an amazingly animated video created by a 3rd year student animation team. Stay tuned!

I know they're always with me, I know they care. Trust me, I know...”
It's just sometimes.. I feel so alone”

Original Songs


We obviously all have our ups and downs from time to time. The past few months/year I really started to realize how easily you can go from 100% happiness to below zero and back. The (kind of) funny thing about this particular song is that it made me realize how shitty I usually need to feel in order for me to write a proper song (or at least to get some creativity flowing). I came to this conclusion as it was the first song I was able to write after months of having a writers block. The thing that made me happy about this is that it showed me that I get an opportunity to turn a negative situation into something positive!

The song is about wanting to be closer to someone you love, who isn't able to let you closer. 

Falling Down 

A lot of people might have known someone who seemed to be a friend, but turned out to not to be that good of a friend as they thought he or she was. Well, this song is dedicated to all of those "ex-friends"!


This song is about the feeling of being alone, even though you know you aren't actually alone. I feel like a lot of people experience this feeling from time to time. To me, the writing of this song was a good outlet and way of distraction during one of those "lonely moments".

"Alone" is the very first song to be officially released, so stay tuned!